Siamo presenti a PREMIÈRE VISION (Parigi). Venite a visitarci. Stand n. 5N35

We are present at PREMIÈRE VISION (Paris). Come and visit us. Stand n. 5N35




The fabrics of the Spring Summer 2020 season are a voice for difference and particularity, an effervescent and profound diversity, for ever so slightly disruptive fashions.

Fabrics are the very first tools rising to the support of a gaily unconventional breeze, connecting fashion and people by stirring a desire for appropriation and affirmation. Textiles pull out all the stops to drive a real difference: special handles, strong visuals, accumulated fantasy, and innovative technical expertise to create even more possibilities.


Fabric makers are contemporary alchemists, rivalling each other in their powers of invention, to help foster self-expression and encourage new approaches to dressing without fear of stepping outside the box. Thanks to a vast range of yarns, shapes and colours, they create something real, tangible, concrete, incredible but true, to firmly avoid falling into the commonplace. Light and clever fabrics that augment us and support us in everything we want to do, want to be, want to champion.

Eco-responsibility joins right in this season, increasing its power of seduction with neat and fresh aspects that definitively cut the ties with an outdated rusticity. Recycled synthetics, organic cottons, and eco-friendly finishes feature sophisticated handles and bold colourways. Motifs are cheerful and plains are dazzling. In full step with the rest of the fashion world, responsible initiatives are clearly more numerous, and are choosing the right arguments to charm and surprise.